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            LearnAboutAg@Home Blog

            LearnAboutAg@Home Blog

            Join our new blog - LearnABoutAg@Home! Ag in the Classroom is sharing ag-tivities on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) that help teachers and parents throughout CA ensure their students can continue learning where their food and fiber comes from while they are out of their classrooms. Each day, at 10am Ag in the Classroom shares fun, education ag-tivities that can be enjoyed at home. The ag-tivities will be listed on our blog for easy reference and sharing.

            Journey 2050

            Journey 2050

            This free program comes ready with all lesson plans and enrichment activities provided. Journey 2050 takes students from around the world on a virtual simulation that explores world food sustainability. The program allows students to make inquiry-based decisions through interactive video games and witness their impact on society, the environment and the economy at a local and global scale.

            Farmers 2050

            Journey 2050

            Journey 2050 is a school-based program that uses timers to adhere to bell schedules; thus, Farmers 2050 was built! It uses the same sustainable agriculture concepts and game-based technology but is intended to be played at home or during school breaks. Students have a chance to discover what it really takes to feed the world. Farmers 2050 allows users to plant crops, raise animals, and craft goods to sell in their local community all the while managing the three pillars of sustainability: environment, economic and social.


            "Where Your Food Grows" McDonalds Trayliner/Placemat and Lesson Plan

            "Where Your Food Grows" McDonalds Tray Liner/Placemat

            Explore a few more of our best teaching resources that stand on their own, including a coloring book, California Grows Map, Ag Quiz, and more!

            California Agriculture: Farming is Everywhere Coloring BookCalifornia Agriculture: Farming is Everywhere Coloring Book

            Follow your hosts Farmer Joe and Farmer Maria through this coloring book to learn more about agriculture. Have fun seeing and coloring all that agriculture provides—it is more than you could ever imagine!

            Prolific Pollinators

            Prolific Pollinators

            How does your food get pollinated? Pollinators are essential to agriculture and the environment. Students will learn about the various categories of pollinators and their contribution to producing California agriculture commodities. Includes three activities, a math exercise and ideas for Service Learning and Citizen Science. This resource is aligned to California Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

            California Grows... MapCalifornia Grows... Map

            Learn about the top three ag commoditiies in each California county with this California Grows... poster.

            California Agriculture QuizCalifornia Agriculture Quiz

            Presidential Turkey Tour Activity GuidePresidential Turkey Tour Activity Guide

            The four-page guide introduces students to the history of our nation's Presidential Turkey tradition and engages them with activities about the popular poultry. Activities are aligned to California Education Standards which include Common Core English Language Arts, Common Core Mathematics, and Next Generation Science Standards.

            Teacher Resource GuideTeacher Resource Guide

            Venture into our comprehensive collection of resources for agricultural education!
            *Please note that this resource was last updated for the 2013-2014 school year. We are currently working on alternative methods of sharing additional agricultural education resources.*