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            School Gardens

            Ag in the Classroom is proud to support school garden programs. Check out our garden-related resources for garden lesson ideas, a guide to starting your school garden, and more! Be sure to also explore the opportunities on our Grants & Scholarships page.

            Prolific Pollinators

            Prolific Pollinators

            How does your food get pollinated? Pollinators are essential to agriculture and the environment. Students will learn about the various categories of pollinators and their contribution to producing California agriculture commodities. Includes three activities, a math exercise and ideas for Service Learning and Citizen Science. This resource is aligned to California Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

            WE Garden Lesson Packet


            These one-page lessons have great ideas for hands-on, garden-based learning that can be used within or outside the classroom walls.
            Subjects: Science, Mathematics, English Language Arts, Health/Nutrition

            School Garden Links and Resources

            Gardens for Learning

            Gardens for Learning Book

            Gardens for Learning

            Download the guidebook developed through a collaboration with the Collective School Garden Network.

            CROP (California Regions of Optimal Planting) Circles


            This easy-to-use diagram illustrates proper planting and harvesting times for 18 crops commonly found in California school gardens.

            California's Fruit and Vegetable Crop Seasons

            Crop Seasons

            Check out the chart of California's fruit and vegetable crop seasons, created by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

            Garden-Related Acrostic Poems

            Garden-Related Acrostic Poems

            The four-page guide introduces students to the history of our nation's Presidential Turkey tradition and engages them with activities about the popular poultry. Activities are aligned to California Education Standards which include Common Core English Language Arts, Common Core Mathematics, and Next Generation Science Standards.

            Agricultural Fact and Activity Sheets

            Fact Sheets

            The fact sheets include one page of information related to an agricultural commodity and one page of lesson plan ideas for using that information. The set includes everything from almonds to table grapes, as well as plant nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potasium.

            The Invasive Species Fact Sheet Set introduces six invasive species, the damage they cause to California crops and how to stop their spread.

            Lesson Plans

            Lesson Plans

            Our lesson plan collection includes some great resources for garden learning.

            What's Growin' On? 7th Edition - Your Link to California Agriculture

            What's Growin' On?

            This edition of our hands-on student newspaper is focused on gardens. You can also explore the entire collection, as each issue can easily be used to complement a garden-based education.