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            California Agriculture in the Classroom Conference

            Logo 2020

            September 24-26, 2020
            Ventura Beach Marriott
            Ventura, CA
            General Registration: $250 (Before August 15) $280 (After August 15)

            "This conference provided wonderful resources and free materials! Great presentations that I will always remember and strategies I can use in my classroom."

            "Excellent presenters! Both were very knowledgeable in their field. Very stimulating and motivating!"

            97% of conference attendees agree they are more likely to incorporate agriculture into their classrooms after attending the CA AITC Conference.

            Join us in beautiful Ventura County for an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with educators who share your passion for agriculture. Come and learn about the importance of educating our youth about food and fiber through all subject areas. Agriculture is everywhere and in everything we do!

            Register Now!

            We are currently seeking enthusiastic presenters who would like to share their expertise, experience, and educational resources with our conference attendees.

            Conference Sponsors

            Gold Star

            • California Teachers Association
            • The Wonderful Company

            Honor Roll

            • Crystal Creamery

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