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            The work we do would not be possible without generous sponsors and volunteers. Contributions from organizations and individuals help fund our programs and events like the Imagine this... Story Writing Contest and the California Agriculture in the Classroom Conference. They also support new curriculum development, teacher grants and scholarships, and general operating expenses. Be sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter to stay up-to-date with our latest activities and new resources. Donors will also receive the biannual print newsletter, Hands on Agriculture.

            • Conference Sponsorship Donations

              Your support of our annual teacher conference helps teachers teach their students about the importance of agriculture in our economy and society. Support the conference today!

            • Financial Donations

              Investing a financial donation will help more students have the opportunity to Learn About Ag in a memorable and meaningful way. You can complete the online form to make your online donation or renewal. You can also contact us to discuss a potential donation. See our list of generous donors on the Thank You, Sponsors! page.

            • In-Kind Donations

              In addition to direct financial donations, we also accept in-kind donations of materials to use at our events throughout the year.

            • Volunteer

              Help develop new curriculum, volunteer at an event and/ or spread the word about our organization.

            • Special Events History

              Enjoy some photos from past special events and presentations. Sponsorships and ticket sales from these events help support our ongoing education program. Thank you!

            • Additional Ways to Help

              We appreciate generosity in its many forms. If you would like to discuss a potential gift in the form of stock, mutual funds or estate planning, please contact us via phone (916-561-5625) or email (info@www.bfgkj.cn). We will be happy to speak with you. You may also refer another potential donor.

            Thank You, Sponsors!

            The work we do would not be possible without our generous sponsors. See our Sponsor Feature, and discover a list of organizations and individuals who have recently provided their support.